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As we are aware very well about this fact that there is anarchy in the affiliate marketing arena and everybody is wondering here and there for survival of his life and also searching a significant platform of earning but on indian market we find that no company is able to provide entire need of the market, consumers and networkers, so for the fulfilment of above noted need the duacorphas been incorporated.


Company Profile

DUACORP Inc ( Incorporated Company) (07.01.2015)

Registered in Loss Angels, California (U.S)

Work segment of entity: Surgical Instrument Manufacturing and Marketing.

With the same name and for business in India DUACORP get Indian registration as on 11/07/2016.

* Team Work On:

* Blockchain Technology

* (AI) Artificial Intelligence

* (AR) Augment Reality

* Winnipeg, Canada. Physical office team and the team carrying work related to blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and augment reality.

* DuaCorp is working in collaboration with Sai Solar Technology Pvt. Ltd. across the country on solar equipment and marketing it.